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[G Ravindran]

4.04 a.m. Makar Sankranthi.
Jet lagged. Wireless is down. Time to press pause. Reflect maybe.

I am told the Sun begins its ascendency today and enters the northern hemisphere. Astrologically, enter the domain of Capricorn. Auspiciously, an opportunity to transition into cool light.

I am critical of most things around me. At least have a view, often a judgement. Off late I have tried to be more vocal, especially of how everything really boils down to the self. And stems from the self. If I can't even take care of myself, how can I ever take care of anything else? I think I see the light.

But there are those who say they work for the good of others, for society, country, mankind? A number of them say they are giving back, as God has been kind to them. Some others make news by giving away a lot of their hard-earned money. Millions, Crores. How come they do this? They give because they have. Right. But not true, for here I am unable to give-away even my old clothes, that I haven't used in months, and even though the next lot fights for space in the already over flowing wardrobe! Clearly I don't see the light.

When I do what is right, I feel good. I say this. When I do good, I sleep well at night. I have to be honest, otherwise how can I look at myself in the mirror. If I cheat or do wrong, what will I tell my family, or face upto my children? I too have said all these things, while continuing to do whatever it took to get where I am.

And then I wonder, about those other folks, about whom all of us have a view. Mostly private and unsaid views. Those folks who make news with scandals, violence, crime etc. How do they get by? Don't they look at mirrors or face upto their family? They also prey, don't they? I mean pray to the very same Gods as us.

Too reflective. Kind of upsetting. Irritating. Also calming. Reassuring. Knowing that there are others like me. And while also there are other sides and views, the cool-light shines on all, alike.

My parents named me ravi, after the sun. When the sun rises at 7.14 today I am taking a selfie for myself. Wireless is back. Happy Makar Sankranthi.

My hidden selfie

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