Coaching for Excellence

Leadership-next is about new ways of Coaching & Leadership Development. It's about the future. It's about deliberately using new methodologies to gain fresh insight, to create masters, champions, leaders, legends.

Our refreshing approach to ‘coaching’ hits the sweet spot to push boundaries and evolve newer and more relevant practices to release potential & further excellence. Be it corporate leaders, accomplished professionals, or emerging champions. Be it for business, sports or administration.

Significantly, our on-going experiences also compel us to look beyond conventional bucketing of coaching into strategic, behavioural, life coaching and the like. We find that the context in which people find themselves, is the best canvas to sharp-focus & Customise Coaching around these specific niche situations & outcomes.

So, while the structure and methodology have all of LN’s expected creative elements, the flow and design are tailor made to address existing realities & consciously move into the desired future state.

This has effectively disabled the one-size-fits-all generic approach to coaching. LN now pushes for strong customisation and adapt things around real-specifics of context, outcomes, teams and individuals.

Executive Coaching - for industry professionals & administrators
Coaching for Excellence - for Sports’ Champions (individuals and teams)

Customised Coaching Interactions

As mentioned, the context and situations really helps to sift the chaff from the grain. This in turn helps fine-tune the overarching pedagogy … the art & science of coaching. It enables clear differentiates between individual and group centric approaches and determine visible outcomes

Executive Coaching

- GROUP - Collaboration (going for more than 100% in formal reporting teams)
- INDIVIDUAL - Hi-Performance (jump-start results for an elite individual performer)
- GROUP - Special project (mission-focused units, synergising diverse expert groups)
- INDIVIDUAL – Leaders in transition (fresh incumbents, settling & performing in new roles/company)
- GROUP/INDIVIDUAL - Holistic development (directional, long term, institution building in careerist teams)

Coaching for Excellence

- INDIVIDUALS – Champion mind-set. (Mental preparedness, and inner wellness to win, sustain winning and push for further excellence in sports and games.

- TEAMS – Masterful Minds (Mental strength, collective well-being, group consciousness to win, sustain winning and push for further excellence in sports and games.

Executive Coaching
Customised for With WHO WHEN OUTCOME
Collaboration Reporting-teams (functional & others) Formal, role-bound organisation facing silo-effect;
I am OK-My job is done
Spirit to go the extra mile; push & change boundaries.
Hi-Performance Individual Unexpected, steep fall in performance. Altered drive & motivation. Re-Firing all cylinders; Stop living in the past
Special projects Diverse & expert group members Dynamic Projects; situation for change-management & mission criticalassignments New perspectives & playing to each other’s strengths
Leaders in transition New incumbent Individual; company in transition New Company, new roles, changed external settings with contrasting choices Conscious, firm and decisive positioning & movement
Holistic Development Senior Leadership team Refresh & renew organisational energies for new trajectory Long-term, sustainable Institution Building
Coaching for Excellence
Champion mind-set Individual Performer Sports Champions Performing to expectations, and breakthrough potential Visualisation, Commitment; sustain & deliver excellence
Masterful- Minds Hi-performing Sports Teams Exploiting talent & potential, Synergising energies, group consciousness Balance; Internal collaboration to compete externally

Executive Coaching
Collaboration resource wastage; high power-distance We have to get to the next level of operations. Where is the ownership? This is my business. We care.
Hi-Performance More talk than walk; weariness Those were the days!
I need to get my mojo back.
I will show you. Cannot hide talent
Special Projects Different private- public postures I am an expert. They have gaps & loose ends. They are real pro’s. I learnt a lot.
Leaders in Transition Tentativeness, wariness all around Wait and watch.
We’ve seen all this before.
Runs on the board. Clear win-win
Holistic Development Questioning basics; restless mind. It’s our calling. Let us make a real difference. This is special. It’s our life. We lead the way.
Coaching for Excellence
Champion Mind-sets Inconsistent; result- talent dissonance; unexpected drops. I am doing everything. Don’t know why it happens. Maybe not lucky like the others! No more ‘buts’. I trust myself.
Masterful Minds Lack of clarity; hidden agendas; latent anxieties I feel let down. They’re not pulling their weight. I have earned my stripes. I need your help.I got your back. Let’sdo it for her/him.


This is a term that is often used loosely to refer to coordination, cooperation or simply team- working. In reality, collaboration is more about ‘mutuality’. Also something that goes beyond the purview of role-bounded functioning. A willingness to sacrifice individual goals in order to make the larger picture. A phenomena involving sharing of resources, often voluntarily, for the larger good, instead of holding and hoarding often at great cost to the business.

A great example is the spirit of volunteerism. Most of us serve or have served as volunteers (think rotary, NGOs, local community activities, festivals; at campuses, housing colonies or in eh neighbourhood). No pay, benefits, or training or supervision to speak of. Not much in terms of technology, or terms & conditions of service, health-care or perquisites. Often spending from our own pockets, and going without watching the clock. The volunteer still goes on, looking forward to it and delivering excellence.

Coaching for collaboration, is customised to kindle the inherent passion for achieving excellence & the larger good, in formal structured business-teams. It works to optimise resource-usage, reduce power-distance, and enable the business get to the next level of operations.

Classic coaching interventions are all focussed on improving performance of individuals. Coaching for hi-performance is a niche separation within this genre, focussing on the highly talented, gifted few on whom rides a lot (if not most growth, change and innovation).

Sustaining peak-performance is a must-do on every business leaders list. It however takes a lot out from the self, and is extremely draining. This induces stress and causes individuals to break-down. However, business leaders are acutely aware that their future is really in the hands of such gifted hi- performers. So, just letting things be is not really an option. It may not also be enough to rely on the self-motor to keep things primed and pumped up.

Hi-Performance Coaching provides a hedge, so that sustained business success is not completely left to chance and hope. While the preference is for preventive maintenance, reality often pushes for a recovery act of break-down maintenance. Whether it is to keep the mojo going or to get it back, the impact & benefits are felt at both the level of the individual and the enterprise.

Special Projects

Launching a new product, or introducing a new process or technology, by itself takes some doing. Making this happen in a running business is almost akin to changing the tyres while the wheels are spinning. Takes a lot of doing. Think of doing this in the context of merging two running enterprises, and we are talking a different language altogether

The way to get things started and done is to deploy ‘project teams’ often a combination of external and internal change-agents. While one has the new, required expertise, the other has the experience to adopt or adapt the newness into the mainstream. Both have a public posture of being specialists in their field, but a private knowing that they are novices in the realm of the other.

Coaching Special Projects is a new, distinct idea. It’s built on the much researched proposition that the people / cultural aspects continue to remain as one of the top reasons why most M&As fail. It

moves away from the total-dependence on the external vendor/supplier/partner to take care of this critical people-integration aspect. It also addresses the reality that project-success is directly proportional to how a bunch of internal experts come together, in a limited time-window, to fill gaps & stitch loose ends to deliver value.

Leaders in Transition

The old order changeth yielding place to the new.
Well said. Easily said. But history is replete with instances of how this ‘yielding’ happens. What damages, loss, at what cost (real-time and in terms of opportunity). All around. To the incumbent, to the out-going and the place, time & context. Not always by Machiavellian design or by accident, but by simply overlooking the obvious travails of this extremely sensitive change management dynamic.

Behaviourally, there is tentativeness all around, if not wariness. A ‘let’s wait and watch’ tendency, or a resigned ‘we’ve seen all this before’, both attitudes contributing to the quagmire of change at the top. Not that the incumbents are saints, or willing to let things settle-down; often preferring a visible display of power and strength that quashes the chance of a smooth and effective transition.

Coaching in this context, is about understanding ‘choices’ and consciously staying the course i.e. the very purpose why this change was made to happen. No easy answers, but conscious choices in view of the bigger picture, and deploying tactics best suited to serve the larger design. While the incumbent is the eye of things, there are significant actions to be taken all around the incumbent.

Coaching new incumbents is about leaders making the future happen at a very high level.

Mind-Set of a Champion Masterful Minds

Gifted. God given talent. Natural. Born for the game. Comments often heard, not just from proud parents but teachers, other players, or people just watching others in action.

Choker. Can’t take the pressure. Solid second best. Crumbles at the crunch. Also, comments we keep hearing around otherwise highly talented individuals, who do everything almost right. Almost.

Individuals. Teams. Same story.

The difference between potential & performance, between good & great, is more than just skills and technique. Talent, ability, training, and practice do matter. So does equipment and infrastructure. But, this is what gets us into the game.

Winners, champions, legends go beyond this. And this doesn’t just happen. They do this consciously. They pursue excellence by channelizing their own potential. Winning and records are the milestones that mark this pursuit. It happens when they first start pushing the envelope beyond the physical game, and bring into play endurance and game strategy. ‘Battles may be fought on battle-fields but they are won off-the-field”. Not only do they go beyond the physical and the strategic, but knowing areas of their psyche & mind. They sustain excellence only because they are in touch with the full power of their own minds backing & topping their talent.

Champions, Masters, Legends play the game in their heads. With their Mind. The real place which makes Champions, Masters, Legends. And this is done consciously. The rest is folklore!

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