Coaching for Collaboration

Group-Coaching for Leadership-Collaboration
... holistic ...

A framework for extending one-on-one coaching to executive teams, thereby making executive development more meaningful not only to individuals but also to leader-teams, and adding direct relevance to the enterprise as a whole.

More than just teaming. More than a sum-of-its-parts.
Going the extra mile. Volunteering support. Sharing resources.
Own goals are important; larger business objectives are even more important. Causing synergy. Geometric benefits.
Being holistic.

Why 'leadership'
Leaders serve as role-models. People tend to emulate them.
Leaders are nicely poised to influence, impact and sustain positive change. And, there is a vast, latent, tap-able potential that can be quickly tapped for larger good.
There is an abundance of other ‘resources’ (more than just industry case-studies) for learning. Past knowledge alone may not be enough for the future.
There is a business need to look beyond immediate numbers and bring into equation, the impact of larger macro-systems (society, environment)

Synapse ... the contextual opportunity
Current thinking and approaches to management and leadership have served us well, but will be inadequate for the emerging future. Ever changing changes, make it imperative to seek what else is there’ and tap new thought & resources for growth and development.

Business models, leadership thought etc., especially in organised industry, have primarily originated from their own Western contexts. These have largely been adopted (if not transplanted) and established globally, including in eastern geographies. However, within emerging markets, other macro-systems (social, political, legal, spiritual etc.), have naturally evolved & settled with their own ethos, culture & heritage. This difference has created a gap. Rather than see this ‘gap’ as a disconnect, it helps to view it as a 'synapse'... a chance to leap across and make the connection. This synapse is actually a great opportunity to leverage local ethos, thought and wisdom for alignment, harmony & overall wellbeing.

Holistic Leadership Collaboration is a framework to leverage this synapse for the betterment of immediate business, industry and the various other macro-systems which make the whole.

Leadership Collaboration - LC
A principle, moving beyond the current penchant for ‘heroic’ individual leaders, to the realms of leadership collaboration, with direct benefits to the individual, teams, enterprise, and society.
A framework incorporating the What, Where, Who, When, How etc. of group-coaching for leadership-collaboration in the emerging future.
LC is more than just acquiring information, tools, skills or techniques. More than just sharing the surpluses. It is about voluntarily going beyond restrictive boundaries and consciously conducting ourselves in an aligned, balanced and harmonised manner.
And then letting it happen naturally.

LC Concept
Predominant thought and practice of ‘leadership development (LD) entails development of specific traits, competencies, and orientations. One framework aims to develop individuals into a '9-9' leader.

Good. Almost altruistic. Difficult though. Besides taking an inordinate amount of time, resource, effort and pain to transform individuals to ‘become’ masterful in everything. Essentially, a deficiency view (half-empty) of people, and striving to fill & top things up.
LC takes a kaleidoscopic shot of what people are, what they have (a proficiency view) & focusses on their major, dominant ‘9’ traits that the business needs. Somewhat like the strengths approach to development, but going further and making the strong 9s available to others in the team too.

With more people entering the field, each with their own unique strengths, a multitude of dominant ‘9s’ automatically come into play. With each of these fortes also being available to each & every member of the team, the enterprise effectively operates in a 'forte zone'.

The enterprise benefits geometrically, as each leader accesses this forte-zone where multiple expert capabilities are available to address business needs, thanks to each member of the team.
Development efforts can now be better focussed on leveraging what is there; from sharing our fortes, to volunteering them for others’ use, and then to pro-actively bringing them to play for the larger goals of the enterprise & greater good.

Who. How
Leader-groups are the focus of specific developmental interactions.
- The leader group would normally be part of the existing reporting structure (business and functional teams).
- The process can also focus and benefit other types of leader-groups ie cohorts formed with a common purpose (hi-potential listers, identified group of successors).
The interactions are best leveraged in small (6) to medium (18) groups

This process is a blend of customised group & individual coaching interactions, in a multi-level iterative manner. At the top-level leadership, for example, this would mean
  1. - Individually with the CEO
  2. - Individually with each CXO
  3. - Collective-A with the CXO team
  4. - Collective-B with the CEO plus the CXO team
The process is a customised blend of situational learning in controlled settings, behavioural process work, and active-learning in real-time experiences.
The knowledge & learning platform is stretched to include insights from alternate resources like sports, music & the liberal arts. The group facilitations are conducted by a tag-team of external & internal resources.
The individual coaching sessions are anchored by one coach, though expert interventions would be sought from others as needed.
All interactions are customised & supported as required with diagnostics, psychometrics and other cutting edge enablers, to benchmark, review and track the process.

When. Where
- Individual interactions (25 hours over 9 months)
- Collective-A interactions (25 hours in 3 phases)
- Collective-B interactions (25 hours in 3 phases)

The location of the interactions will be a combination of
- existing business settings
- customised off-site settings
- appropriate public opportunities
- customised, innovative & real-time experiences
The interactions will be a blend of both physical and virtual exchanges. These will be live or re-viewable as required.

Coaching for Collaboration

(overarching reality-principles ** | a brief behavioural overview...)
» Self-awareness enhances Authenticity
» Holistic wellbeing encourages self-regulation
» Sensitivity causes understanding and compassion for others (across cultural settings)
» Mindful teams - fully present & aware - are non-judgemental
» Group support, establishes trust and confidence
» Collaboration is both conscious and the natural way

Framework for holistic leadership development

Holistic leadership development is a conscious “movement” beyond current mind-sets and dispositions, to newer realms for value creation, naturally progressing through many stages
Stage 1 - collaborative leader-groups for business
Stage 2 - leaderful enterprises
Stage 3 - thriving macro-systems

Stage 1 Collaborative leader-groups for business

At this first stage, these conscious ‘movements’ are on three axis. Time. Wellbeing. Collective.
Each axis, with its own elements; giving and taking value at each movement, at the ‘synapse’ of which, the spirit & energy of Collaboration is evident and harnessed.

- Time ... past, present, future
- Wellbeing ... physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, social, spiritual
- Collective ... self, teams, organisation, society/community, environment

Time has always been the richest of resources, mostly overlooked and taken for granted by individuals. A primary movement for holistic development is therefore in terms of time. The dynamics of past, present & future, offer electrifying movements almost continuously for self-awareness and development.
A secondary movement is in terms of wellbeing (physical, rational, emotional etc.). While each of these are special and manifest in their own ways, intelligence and rational tendencies have tended to occupy centre stage. Awareness, and then consciously letting the other elements move into our lives creates a kaleidoscope of experiences & insights. This serves as a very large untapped resource to be leveraged for growth and development.
A third set of movements is resourced from the ‘social’ nature of the self. When a number of people with different dominant elements of wellbeing come together, a host of opportunities emerge for learning, sharing, doing and creating a fresh state of collective wellbeing, and geometrically higher value creation for the self, team and the business.
Conscious movement along these lines not only creates fresh insight, but also builds new platforms for exceptional interactions, with collaboration as the natural way
Collaboration ... More than just teaming. More than a sum-of-its-parts. Going the extra mile. Volunteering support. Sharing resources. Own goals are important; larger enterprise objectives even more so. Acting holistically. Causing synergy. Geometric benefits.

Stage 2: The next play is to extend this framework to various teams across the organisation to form leaderful enterprises. The ignition is from the senior leader-groups who apart from becoming role models for the entire enterprise, also start propagating & coaching for ‘collaboration’.

Stage 3: Moving beyond the enterprise into larger macro-systems of society, community and environment is really at the core of Holistic leadership Development. Development & growth, continues to happen with better understanding of every element (past, present, future) (or rational, emotional, social etc.) of each axis (time, wellbeing, collective). But it is a totally different game when this spirit and energy is framed on the many MACRO axis of the external. While the resources increase manifold, so does the ability to make positive change. The impact and magnitude also dramatically change, with the understanding that things are not in a controllable static state. The movements are dynamic & iterative between the collective (within the enterprise) and the macros (society and environment), with collaborative leadership taking responsibility for it.

Holistic Leadership
** Coaching for collaboration. The reality-principles form part of the research framework to explore, understand and learn from the dynamics of holistic collaboration that enables & sustains excellence in volunteer organisations.

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